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As one of the world's four major running shoes brand, Asics recently encountered bottlenecks, this brand in the professional runners circle seems to welcome young people welcome the global performance in the past two years has also declined.

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Xiaobian wrote a lot of football footwear before the article, but basically are limited to the top style, so there are a lot of people to respond to my content is not close to the people. In fact, for equipment editing, this is a very embarrassing problem, because only the top style can represent a shoe of the highest technology, although they are more expensive, but so we have something to write. For those in the ordinary low-end, their configuration can not be described so detailed, and wrote the top models, the low-end some of the configuration has been included, and we can completely imagine their own. However, there are still many people recently responded, I hope I can introduce some of the most cost-effective combat Need. Have to admit that this kind of thing is really there, but I still think for a long time. The current new price is definitely not cheap, for the old models, the choice of brands and styles to be too much, but in the end still found the answer. She is from the island, Ascis C3 series of football shoes!

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Looking back a year ago, ASICS released a lightweight buffer experience-based DynaFlyte 1 generation running shoes, and its previous professional running shoes is different, this is the second after MetaRun, the second will be all in the end of the switch to FlyteFoam technology The running shoes. This is the beginning of this series, ASICS in the past, the most striking exposed GEL was FlyteFoam new midsole technology replaced, the new cushioning technology era officially opened. Now Asics Trainers UK will be the new improved DynaFlyte 2 presented in front of us, in the end this new product What is the difference, today we announced for everyone.

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The top of the ASICS stability series is called the Kayano series, and the top-of-the-line protagonist's GT-2000 series is powered by the stable Dynamic DuoMax® Support System and the Guidance Trusstic System® Film "technology received a total of 12 times the" Runner's World "recommendation award. The recommended GT-2000 NEW YORK 3 is a stable series of running shoes is the GT-2000 New York commemorative version of the third generation of products, in December 2014 listed, with Asics Trainers UK top shock absorption technology at the same time in support and stability have Very good performance, the new cheap asics trainers uk GT-2000 3 in addition to the design to do a big adjustment, the function has also done a lot of optimization. GT-2000 version 3, followed by the TPU followed by the stability of the system, the entire bottom of the structure of the bottom to do the adjustment, GT-2000 3 off-road version is still using a double buffer in the end Fluid Ride, Guidance Trusstic System in the end support The sheet changes from a parallel structure to two stable 3-angled structures, raising the grip while the shoes are more comfortable.

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ASICS Arthur GEL-KAYANO series of high-performance running shoes is ASICS for the long-distance sports enthusiasts designed flagship products, in the course of more than 20 years of development, captured countless runners love, became Changsheng not Bad running shoes series. In 2017, ASICS Arthur In order to allow long-distance lovers to experience more excellent performance, ASICS Arthur to further upgrade the stability and comfort, launched the 24th generation GEL-KAYANO running shoes.

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For regular running friends, the professional sports brand ASICS Arthur we are more familiar with, and in its many professional product line, the most famous is the number of GEL-KAYANO series Cheap Asics Running Shoes. In the upcoming July, GEL-KAYANO series also ushered in its 24th generation of products, GEL-KAYANO 24 officially available for efficient running and build GEL-KAYANO 24 running shoes integration of many price asics running shoes characteristics of science and technology elements , Including the first trial in 2016 in the innovative long-distance running shoes MetaRun MetaClutch technology.

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